How do You Get a Discount on Your Hotel Bill?

Most of us tend to pay our hotel bills without even checking them. We believe that there is no way the hotel will try and cheat us. But just because they aren’t trying to cheat you doesn’t mean there can’t be some genuine errors on their part right? You wouldn’t want to have to pay for their mistakes? So it is very important for you to check your bill before paying it.

Here are a few other tips to help you save on your hotel bills in Ireland:

  • Always find out how much a room is going to cost you in advance. Compare the price of the room with others on offer. Do not wait till you are ready to check out to find out how much the room you’re staying in costs.
  • If you are booking a package, always find out everything that is included in the gala_ticket_01_by_zutheskunk-d3rd4xapackage. It may sometimes be better for you to book certain things individually. The package may also have a few additions which you do not want. Getting rid of them may save you some money.
  • Find out about the non-negotiable surcharges before you check in. There are a number of hotels which will charge you to use the safe in the room, the phone and even the pool. You wouldn’t want to be paying extra for services you haven’t even used now will you?
  • A number of hotels also add service charges to your bills. This usually means that the tip has been included in the amount you are paying. You will not have to pay a tip separately in such situations.
  • Know whether the minibar in your room is chargeable or free in advance. This is how hotels make a lot of money. You wouldn’t want to fall into their trap right? Do not touch anything there unless you know for sure that it is free.